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The Wire is one of my favourite television programmes and this blog had a great piece on Kentucky Derby horses named after characters, ideas and quotes from the show (hat-tip: Ezra Klein’s Wonkbook)

One section is devoted to Omarisms and “all in the game’ reminded me of a top scene from the second series in which Omar appeared as a witness in court :

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Finished watching season three of The Wire while I am in the middle of reading All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. British reviewers have said that if Charles Dickens were alive today he would have written for The Wire. In the same way I imagine that if McCarthy lived in Baltimore he would be part of  The Wire’s team.

In All The Pretty Horses, McCarthy pays homage to the iconic American cowboy and the loss of Wild West – and the streets of inner city Baltimore embody the same lawless frontier. However, unlike the traditional Western, The Wire does not divide its characters neatly into good guys and bad guys. While the  modern day gunslingers have no compunction in killing those who get in their way, they also have their own code of honour, as shown in one of my favourite scenes from the series featuring Brother Mouzone and Omar :

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