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I spent the day trying to work while keeping one eye on Al Jazeera English’s excellent live stream of events in Egypt.

– Robert Fisk writes about Egypt’s day of reckoning and a new truth dawning on the Arab World :

It is not possible any more, for the people of the Arab world to lie to each other. The lies are finished. The words of their leaders – which are, unfortunately, our own words – have finished. It is we who have led them into this demise. It is we who have told them these lies. And we cannot recreate them any more.

– Yasmine El Rashidi has an eye witness account from Cairo, “Hosni Mabarak, the plan is waiting” (The New York Review of Books);

– and William Pfaff writes in the same publication on Uprisings: From Tunis to Cairo;

– The Atlantic has the story behind an iconic photo from the protests taken by one of the participants and posted online:

No need to hope mainstream media shows up. No need to wait for tomorrow’s papers. Everything can move quickly and though the Egyptian government has now blocked Facebook and Twitter, photos and videos are getting out. If there’s one thing that we should have learned from the file-sharing wars, it’s that the files will get out.

Today was also the 25th anniversary of the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger in which the seven crew members lost their lives just 73 seconds after take off.  A quarter of a century later, I can still vividly remember coming home from school and sitting down in front of the TV to watch the launch while still in my uniform – and then the shock of seeing the images unfolding before my eyes.

I can also remember Dr. Richard Feynman during the subsequent hearings to find out why the Challenger failed. He dropped an O-ring into a cup of iced water to show that they became brittle and broke in cold weather which inspired my interest in science.

– another inspirational figure: Japanese woman who starts writing poetry at 92 and becomes a best seller (The Guardian)

Have a good weekend.


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