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– Norwegian novelist Jo Nesbo‘s poignant  op-ed on the shootings in his native country: The Past is a Foreign Country :

“On Monday night, more than 100,000 citizens gathered in the streets to mourn the victims of the attack. The image was striking. In Norway, “keeping a cool head” is a national virtue, but “keeping a warm heart” is not. Even for those of us who have an automatic aversion to national self-glorification, flags, grandiose words and large and expressive crowds, it makes an indelible impression when people demonstrate that they do mean something, these ideas and values of the society we have inherited and more or less take for granted. The gathering said that Norwegians refuse to let anyone take away our sense of security and trust. That we refuse to lose this battle against fear.

And yet there is no road back to the way it was before. ” (The New York Times)

– Gareth Evans, a former Australian foreign minister, provides a hopeful lesson on how bigotry can be overcome as shown by the experience of Australian football :

The evidence of the last few weeks is that history, at last, really has moved on. The revelation of the abuse of players of Sudanese and Nigerian origin generated a surge of genuine, visible, and tangible public repugnance – a very real sense that the perpetrators had shamed not only themselves, but also their country. For an Australian of my generation, that is a very new, and hugely welcome, experience. And there is every reason to hope, and believe, that our experience is gradually becoming universal. (Project Syndicate)

– a 617-digit prime number (BBC) ;

– as someone who took nine months to travel the world, and then decided to change careers, I heartily agree with this suggestion of a gap year for grown-ups (Harvard Business Review) ;

– because you get to see sights like these volcanoes (The Big Picture)

I will not be seeing volcanoes this weekend I will be staying within the boundaries of Manhattan but won’t let that spoil my fun .  Have a good one.

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These both come from the same article,  a wonderful op-ed by Tim Rutten in the LA Times on the danger posed by hate speech :

It ought to be clear by now that hate-laced propaganda poses a particular challenge to open societies in this new age, when their contagion can be spread by little more than the click of a mouse.


It no longer will do, as Isaiah Berlin once pointed out, to shrug and say: I believe in kindness and you believe in concentration camps, and let’s leave it at that. That’s not tolerance; it’s indifference in which respect for free speech is less a value than an alibi.

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“If Islamic people do something bad, you think, ‘Oh, it’s Muslims.’ But if a white Protestant does something bad, you just think he’s mad. That’s something we need to think about.”

– Sigrid Skeie Tjensvoll, Norwegian citizen (Global Public Square)

Norway attacks and multiculturalism (GPS)

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