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My sister-in-law sent me a 12-week scan of my new niece/nephew today and although I am using a cliche, I have to say new life is always miraculous.

I can already imagine the years stretching ahead as this little bunch of cells inside her body becomes their own person and brings out unconditional love in the new parents and the rest of our extended family which stretches across three continents.

These feelings are expressed much more eloquently by one of my favourite writers, Fergal Keane, when he wrote a Letter to Daniel, his son who was born in 1996.

The letter ends :

“Yet now Daniel, I must tell you that when you let out your first powerful cry in the delivery room of the Adventist Hospital and I became a father, I thought of your grandfather and, foolish though it may seem, hoped that in some way he could hear, across the infinity between the living and the dead, your proud statement of arrival. For if he could hear, he would recognise the distinct voice of family, the sound of hope and new beginnings that you and all your innocence and freshness have brought to the world.”

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