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My January 2011


Abstract Expressionist New York (MOMA) : a beautiful expression of the energy of the city


A History of the World in 100 Objects (Neil MacGregor) :  see the world in a new way

Lords of Finance (Liaquat Ahamed) : understand the world of today

How to Read the Air (Dinaw Mengestu) : how can you build a life in America after your father has smuggled himself from Africa inside a shipping crate

Zilch, The Power of Zero in Business (Nancy Lublin):  zero can be just as powerful as lots of money

The Phoenix, The Men Who Made Modern London (Leo Hollis) : fascinating combination of the building of St Paul’s Cathedral with the building of a new way of thought

Architects and Architecture of London (Ken Allison) : insider’s educated guide to why modern London looks like it does today


Peter Weir in person (The Film Society of Lincoln Center) – a truly skilled director as I hadn’t realised he made so many of my favourite films

I Remember Tenn  , Part One of The Kindness of Strangeness: Reframing Tennessee Williams @ 100 (Museum of Arts and Design) – think I was the only one there who hadn’t met Williams, been in one of his plays or written about him

Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie, A Tale of Love & Fallout (New York Public Library) – love is as powerful as radiation


Another Year (Mike Leigh) : another bittersweet film from Leigh, as one of the lead characters says “Life isn’t kind to some people”

True Grit (Coen Brothers) : truly wonderful, especially the cinematography

Blue Valentine (Derek Cianfrance) : blue that Ryan Gosling didn’t get an Oscar nomination

Flamenco Flamenco (Carlos Saura) :  amazing amazing passion passion


Blood from a Stone (The New Group) : getting blood from a stone is probably easier than this family finding happiness

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