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A lot of visual inspiration this week :

an empty chair symbolises the absence of imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo who was not allowed to travel to Norway to collect his Nobel Peace Prize today. The image is given even more resonance as CNN says:

“The last time an empty chair was used to represent an absent winner was when German peace activist Carl von Ossietzky won the 1935 award. Ossietzky was under “protective custody” in Nazi Germany and could not come to accept the award in person, nor was he represented by anyone.”

The occasion also provides a good excuse to remind ourselves of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

– the Guardian has a selection of the best photos of the decade sent in by its readers;

– beautiful photos of snow from Magnum;

350.org, an environmental  group which raises awareness by creating huge artworks that are visible from space;

– and finally, Hans Rosling uses visual data to give you the history of 200 countries over 200 years in 4 minutes.  If lessons were like this schoolchildren would love maths:

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