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My favourite story this week was in The Wall Street Journal on LondonĀ  commuters protesting about the removal of a poem that had been painted in the tunnel to Waterloo Station as it is heartening to know that people still care about beauty and art.

Sue Hubbard‘s poem “Eurydice”- appropriately based on the Greek myth in which Orpheus tries to retrieve his dead lover Eurydice from the Underworld – was put on the walls 10 years but recently painted over. This led to a huge outcry and its eventual resurrection :

Hubbard tells the paper :

“One man e-mailed me to say that he had proposed to his girlfriend as a result of reading it; and another message came from a woman who had seen it on her way to the hospital, where her daughter was dying. She said the poem had given her solace.”

– film maker Jonas Grimas has posted a short film Painting Eurydice on its replacement;

More visual inspiration:

– amazing video of A Guy, A Football, A Pole (3quarksdaily) ;

Information is Beautiful on the books everyone should read (The Guardian) ;

– the 10 amateur photographers whose pictures were chosen from more than 50,000 entries in this year’s Sony World Photography Awards (BBC).

It’s my birthday today so I am going to have a good weekend – I hope you do too.


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